I want you to burn my bridges down.

All I know is that my life has been split in two: my life before you and my life with you; a life where I was perfectly content with finally being alone and a life where something inside of me did not sit well with my spirit when I was not with you; a life where my nights were spent forcing myself to breathe through panic attacks and a life where I floated to my pillow and sweet dreams filled me up like warm milk before bed; a life where I had to convince my little sister that love could happen to the both of us and a life where she beamed at the love that you and I share; a life where I cried on my bathroom floor, begging my mother to tell me what genuine love felt like and a life when I had actually found love better than the thing I had written about for years; a life when rainy days made me question my sanity and a life when I looked at the sky hoping for grey clouds because it mean wet kisses and your warm skin against mine; a life where I woke up fighting to find joy and a life that made me so happy that the I lost sight of the line which separated the two lives so much so that I forgot about the pain that kept me up at night in the first place.


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