The Pages of My Book-Heart


Usually, I’ll drink anywhere from five to six cups of coffee a day. And I think that’s great and all for every once in a while, but lately, I’ve been making myself drink the few cups I have just a little bit slower, learning to make them last just a little bit longer.
There are days I’d love to tell you every note I’ve written on my heart about you, like the vital organ is a book with a worn out binding from trying to hide all its secrets. And I think sharing these tid bits is good for us, for me, every once in a while; but lately I’ve been making myself keep them bound up, learning to file through the pages of my book-heart so that I might make the beautiful moments last longer.


One thought on “The Pages of My Book-Heart

  1. So true. I’m a new reader, thanks to a link from Hannah Brencher. But as a writer, I know the power of words and you write some beautiful ones.

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