Adventures: that’s how we started.

I ran to the city to escape the boring he said, she said of my home town, the town where everyone knew me as the girl who broke his heart. You warmed my passenger seat to escape the dreary college campus where you spent everyday in the same windowless class rooms.
I made you break your diet, and showed you the best of your favorite foods.
We spent hours riding “Employee Only” elevators trying to figure out how to get to a glass bridge that connected two business skyscrapers.
We lounged on a wall at Olympic Park, and I was surprised by how comfortable you were with the silence.
We drove fast convertible cars and played with puppies and sat on rooftops before you finally took my hand to explore the streets of our white-lights playground.
And I realized one night while I was laying in your bed listening to you help your roommate with the broken ankle:
our “to do” list was growing longer, and we still had so much left to see and taste and enjoy.
But you would always be my favorite adventure.