The past five days have looked like a forever promise, my first midterm in seminary, and 6:50 prayer. 

Officially petitioning to have a buffer between the moment you get engaged and returning back to real life. 

Since Greg asked me to be his wife on the second, we’ve been back into the full swing of full time jobs, graduate school, and second jobs. There’s been stress, planning, appointments made, overwhelming realizations, sweet celebrations, and an official countdown to the big day. And life hasn’t stopped for any of it.

At 6:30 this evening, I pressed “send” on an email to a professor with my Pauline Epistle’s midterm attached to it; I was sitting in a dark, forest green room while I caught glimpses of my fiancé speeding back and forth in the doorway. Greg works at a church, and he basically puts together the Thursday nights that the college ministry gathers. And every Thursday night, prayer starts at 6:50 before the service at 7:30. 

Tonight, I walked into the auditorium, took a seat in the middle of the room that would soon fill with 200+ college students, and began praying for the hearts that would sit in the rows. 

And I think my prayer tonight is applicable to more than just the college students waiting for church to start on a Thursday night. 

So I thought I’d share it with you.

I found myself thanking Him for His faithfulness, and it quickly shifted into me begging Him to put that same example of faithfulness on display in the lives of those that show up every Thursday; more than that, I prayed for the perseverance to carry them along until He chooses to put that faithfulness on display.

Waiting is hard. Perseverance is learned, and believing is practiced. And truth be told, running is freeing at first; it’ll feel like a breath of fresh air, like the storm clouds just broke open. Running will make you feel in control, like you took it into your own hands and got what you wanted when you had been sitting in waiting. But then the ground will dry up underneath your feet; you’ll get wiped out and have no one and no place to run to anymore. 

Love, keep that neck stretched out searching for what’s up ahead. Hold your breath a little longer and carry that weight just a little further.

Whether your waiting for the job, 

the acceptance letter,

the degree,

the fiancé,

the reconciliation,

the best friend,

the healing in the broken pieces of your family,

the open schedule,

the call back–

wait just a little longer. 

Cause I promise the smoke clears and the waters calm. Even if it’s been 18 years and three broken hearts and showing up alone so many times that you’ve lost count. 

It’s coming.

Just keep straining your neck to find it.


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