Been stuck in 1 Samuel, intrigued by the things chapters 9-12 reveal about King Saul’s character at the cusp of his reign. He had gone out to search for donkeys his father had lost when he happened upon Samuel, who told him that he was chosen by God to become King of Israel. Naturally, it confused Saul, and he responded to the news with objections: didn’t God know who he was? Where he’d come from? He was a nobody from a small town. He questioned His worth, and he in turn questioned God’s will. 

I wonder what our lives would look like if we saw ourselves the way God does, what our lives would look like if we realigned our self-worth to be in tune with His plan, how our lives would flourish if we said, “Yes, Lord,” instead of, “God, are you sure? I’m not worth it.” Maybe, viewing ourself the way God sees us breeds opportunities to step into His will and the things He’s called us to that we’d otherwise turn down.

I wonder what our lives would look like if we chased our donkeys with everything we have in us. What if we set out whole heartedly down the path before us without giving up, even when we don’t find what we’re looking for right out the gate? After all, Saul was appointed the first King of Israel when he was searching for some lost donkeys. What’s your donkey look like right now? The job you don’t love but need? The class you wished you’d dropped? The waiting to hear from God so that you can finally step into your calling and forget all the other seemingly “pointless” steps of the journey? Maybe the path you’ve been sent down right now is intended to lead you towards immeasurably more than what you that you were originally sent out for.

Here’s to speaking God-thoughts of grace over ourselves so that we boldly step up to the plate when He calls us out into the light we’ve been waiting to walk into. Here’s to not quitting the chase after our donkey. #happytuesday


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