When God’s Faithfulness is Painful.

We forget God. Life gets comfortable and we forget God. It’s a cycle the people of God have been stuck in since the very first two humans. Even when He does so much good and wins our battles and answers even the silent prayers, we forget Him without even a second thought. The book of 1 Samuel is calling out the forgetfulness in me, today. When the people of Israel finally got the earthly king they’d asked the Heavenly Majesty for, Samuel reminded them of what happened last time the Israelites had forgotten God in the Promised Land: they’d been sold into slavery and died in wars for other nations. 

And I am struck with the way things usually play out in my life: I forget, I go on without Him, and I watch my life unravel in a dysfunctional downward spiral. It is only when the pain comes that my heart is reminded that there is One who is higher than I.

How sweet that our King is an all-knowing, all-seeing King who is graceful in spite of what He knows and sees. How wondrous and mesmerizing is He, that He planned ahead for our forgetfulness and knew just how to draw us back to Him — it makes you look at all the hurt and lostness and rough patches just a little differently, doesn’t it? 

When we forget God, He remains faithful still, even if that faithfulness looks painful; that pain reminds us that we have somewhere to turn — to Him.

Maybe this is how we learn thankfulness: re-wiring our hearts to see the traces of faithfulness in all the pain.


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