jenna carver

Bio: ATL. I'd rather be dying my hair. Professional Social Media-er. Co-Founder and Sole Manager of If You Find This Email (www.ifyoufindthisemail.com). I love a boy very much, and I love storytelling almost as much as I love him. Let me write words for you. I want to make your social media accounts cozy and sharp.

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. As soon as I saw your post on Instagram that you had started a blog I KNEW I had to read it. Your words are beautiful and I love what you have written so far. I thought that the things you posted on Insta were intriguing but I was surely wrong compared to what you have written here. I am so glad I met you at Reinhardt but I miss you and we need to do coffee soon!

  2. Jenna, I love your writings! I can feel the feelings you share and I wanted to tell you that you should write a book. Then I looked at your profile and found out you are or have taken “creative writing”! How awesome. I hope you do write a book and I will be the first one to buy it! God Bless You honey! Diane

  3. So happy I stumbled upon your blog. I can’t tell you how much your words were needed for me today. But most of all, I love finding fellow followers of Jesus. Excited to add your blog to my list!

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